Work packages

  1. Continued operation of the existing MobiLap 3

With the partners HCMC University of Technology (HUTECH), Ho Chi Minh City, VNU-HUS, Hanoi and with the support of MOST (Hanoi as well as MOST-South)

  1. Advanced analysis of the existing regulations

and of the practices for sampling, transport, analysis and data transfer, data analysis / documentation in the stationary sewage laboratories in Vietnam, compared to the MobiLab and international standards

  1. Adaption and expansion of the MobiLab

Based on the results of the in-depth analysis and in consultation with the responsible authorities, the MobiLab is to be adapted in such a way that it meets all requirements of the authorities and users and can be improved at the same time technically / functionally. Furthermore, additional devices will be installed to complete the performance spectrum of the MobiLab 3.

  1. Demonstration campaigns for technical monitoring
    • As a support for the ongoing operation of wastewater systems in indus-trial zones and industrial treatment plants,
    • As an method to monitor the quality of wastewater and outlet channels or natural waters and raw water resources
    • As a criterion for wastewater cost allocation, preferably in conjunction with exemplary wastewater cost calculation and tariff modeling as well as determination of the subsidy need for shortfall in the course of the cal-culation period
  1. Establishment of the certification for the MobiLab 3

Including the associated measuring instruments and measuring methods

  1. Development of a technical operating instruction for wastewater monitoring

  1. Measures for the transfer of knowledge and capacity development,

    • Training measures

    • Training events

    • Workshops, seminars

    • Transfer of the research results into the relevant regulations

    • Utilization of capacity-development-measures for existing educational offers

  1. Replication approaches in emerging countries


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